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  • The release of President Trump's latest sanction list imposed against Russian companies, has caused, among other things, considerable fuss in the aluminium market. This list includes the names of well-known individuals such as Viktor Vekselberg, a prominent Russian oligarch who is also involved in aluminium, but particularly the name of Oleg Děripaska, the main shareholder of RUSAL company. RUSAL is a very important producer of primary aluminium, which supplies about 6% of global consumption. RUSAL is also considered as the 2nd largest exporter to the US.

  • Aluminium bars have been in high demand at the beginning of this year which results in longer delivery times. The longest delivery terms are currently applicable to 2xxx, 7xxx series aluminium alloys along with drawn bars. The lead times are approximately 4-5 months from the order day, depending on alloy and diameter. Conversion prices charged by manufacturers are going up as well. 

    Aluminium bars capacity & delivery times
  • Josef Zimovčák – Czech velocipedist – 10-times world champion in riding high bicycle, founder of “Cycling to help kids” foundation. At the beginning of 90’ he took a ride on a high historical bicycle.

    Coming Back to Tasmania

Our service center provides the following service based on your requirements:

  • aluminium and its alloys sheets and strips, including surface treatment (anodised, varnished, brightened)
  • sawing aluminium plates
  • aluminium bars and profiles, including supplying of the drawing profiles following the customer´s requirement
  • cold and hot rolled steel sheets and strips
  • steel sheets hot dip galvanised, electrogalvanised, varnished, aluzinc and alusi sheets and strips</li>
  • stainless steel sheets, strips and bars (inox)
  • copper sheets and strips
  • delivery of materials in standard and non-standard dimensions
  • self-adhesive protection foil protects against scratches, paper interleaving
  • immediate and long-term deliveries against one-off or general contract
  • logistic services, technical and material consultancy, certificates
  • splitting of the sheets, strips, bars, aluminium profiles and plates
  • waterjet cutting